Stockland Green School: Attendance Strategy and Processes 2023-2024

Attendance Lead: Mr S Beeston (Lead DSL and Strategic Lead for attendance)

Attendance Officer: Miss M Nichols

There is a direct link between attendance to school and academic attainment, therefore Stockland Green School is committed to working closely with students, parents and carers to encourage excellent attendance.

We have the highest aspirations for all of our students, regardless of their socio-economic background. It is our aim to instil our PRIDE values in our students and to foster a truly inclusive culture in our school. We therefore see it as our duty to identify and remove barriers to attendance so that all children can thrive.

Please contact Miss Nichols (Attendance Officer) or your child’s Pastoral Leader if you are worried about anything that may be impacting on their attendance to school or wellbeing.

Pastoral Leader (Cole): Miss Blanchette

Pastoral Leader (Rea): Mr Birch

Pastoral Leader (Tame): Miss Connaire

ATTENDANCE Three-Tiered Approach to Support
Stage 1 Universal Support:

0-10 missed days in school year (pupils with repeated spells of absence, >95% attendance)

All actions logged on G4S and Attendance Tracker
Communication with student and parent carer (Form Tutor, Pastoral Leader)
Formal communication in form of letter/text message (Attendance Officer)
Return to school wellbeing check-ins following all absence (Form Tutor)
Praise and recognition as attendance improves, rewards and awards (Form Tutor, Pastoral Leader, House Leader)
Child’s Voice/Three Houses may be completed (Form Tutor)
Attendance Trackers (Form Tutor)  
Stage 2 Additional Needs and Individualised Support:

10-18 missed days in school year (90-95% attendance, unauthorised absences, risk of Persistent Absence, emerging unmet needs)

All actions logged on G4S, Attendance Tracker and Myconcern
Parent/Carer Meeting (Form Tutor, Attendance Officer, Pastoral Leader)
Formal Letter (Attendance Officer)
Home Visit (Attendance Officer)
Attendance Tracker (Pastoral Leader, House Leader, identified trusted adult)
Targeted academic support for students returning from absence (Subject Leaders, House Leaders)
Praise and recognition as attendance improves, rewards and awards (Form Tutor, Pastoral Leader, House Leader)
Child’s Voice/Three Houses must be completed (Form Tutor, Attendance Officer, Pastoral Leader)
Unmet needs to be discussed by key stakeholders (Pastoral Leader, House Leader, SENDCo, SEMH Lead, DSL)
Referral to Intervention Menu (Pastoral Leader, Pride Support)
Offer of school based Early Help plan (Attendance Office, Pastoral Leader)
Signposting to external agency support; Locality Hub, GP, mental health support (Attendance Officer, Pastoral Leader, DSL)
School Nurse Referral (Attendance officer), Pastoral Leader  
Stage 3 Higher and Complex Individual Needs:

19+ missed days (>90%, persistent and severe absence, complex barriers including emotional based school avoidance)

All actions to be recorded on G4S, Attendance Tracker and Myconcern
All stage 2 actions to be implemented. (Pastoral Leader, Attendance Officer, SENDCo, DSL)
Student assigned to member of Senior Leadership Team (Attendance Lead)
Referrals for external agency support; STICK, FTB, Locality Hub, Birmingham Children’s Trust (Pastoral Leader, DSL)
Bespoke adjustments to timetable explored (Pastoral Leader, Attendance Lead)
CSAWS Formal Letter issued informing of potential Legal action (Attendance Officer)
Fast Track SARM Meeting (Attendance Officer, CSAWS, Pastoral Leader)
Legal Action (CSAWS, Attendance Officer)

PRIORITY 1 – Whole School Attendance Approach:

  • An inclusive approach in which all staff know their role with regards to attendance and our three-tiered approach.
  • Students will feel a sense of belonging as part of the House system.
  • Ensuring our school environment is inclusive and our trauma informed approach to supporting students informs our actions in relation to attendance.
  • Relationships with students and families are central to identifying barriers and unmet needs which are impacting on attendance.


  • Regular CPDL and whole staff reflections regarding attendance are delivered during our weekly staff briefings and the CPDL calendar.

PRIORITY 3 – Intervention and Support

  • Our Three-tiered approach ensures unmet needs and barriers are identified swiftly so that appropriate Early Help can be implemented.
  • The Pastoral team works closely with students and families to remove these barriers
  • Subject Leaders and House Leaders will identify academic support for students returning from absence.
  • The intervention menu will be used to provide targeted intervention for students.
  • Stockland Green school works closely with a range of external agencies to support young people and families.

PRIORITY 4 – Rewards and recognition

  • Attendance updates are to be a regular feature of the morning line-ups and House assemblies. Monday Period 1 (citizenship) is a time tutors to access attendance and have targeted conversations with tutees.
  • Unstructured praise and recognition is given by staff for all students attending with PRIDE.
  • Recognition for excellent or improved attendance is also shown with praise postcards, phone calls home, end of term celebration assemblies, form prizes such as film events, and even Just Eat vouchers for our Attendance Streak winners.

For more information on our expectations of students and parent/carers in relation to attendance, please see our Home School Agreement below.