The school’s examinations officer is Mrs Johnson.

She can be contacted via telephone on 0121 566 4300.

Please refer to the policies, downloads and notices on this page for guidance regarding examinations at Stockland Green School. Further information can be accessed from the links below.

Exam Certificates

Exam certificates are now available for collection from reception, between the hours of 10:00 and 14:30.

Certificates can only be collected by the student and must be signed for.  Please note – we cannot post the certificates or release them to anyone else.  We are only obliged to retain the certificates for a period of 12 months

Once received you should check them very carefully, as there is a limited period of time by which amendments can be made without cost.  Please ensure you keep them safe as exam boards charge approximately £50 per certificate to replace them.

Exam Timetables

Over the next month or so, pupils will be participating in practical exams for Art, Art Textiles, Food technology, RSL music and Drama.  

Whilst these exams are not done in an exam hall, and are ‘Non-examination Assessments’, they are subject to the same exam regulations and rules.  We would ask that you spend some time with your child to familiarise them with the ‘Information for Candidates’ documents provided by JCQ.  They can be accessed via this link:


Additionally, pupils will be provided with the following document which outlines our expectations of them.

Your child will get a full personalised timetable for their written exams in May.

The timetable for summer exams is below. Please note your child should be available for exams until 28th June, which is JCQ’s designated contingency day.

Further important information

A list of Exam Boards and subjects can be found by clicking here.

Information for pupils

Information about exam rules, JCQ regulations as well as useful tips and guidance can be found by clicking here.

Exam policies

Our exam policies can be found by clicking here.