The school’s examinations officer is Mrs Johnson.

She can be contacted via telephone on 0121 566 4300

Please refer to the policies, downloads and notices on this page for guidance regarding examinations at Stockland Green School.


The timetable for the summer season can be found below

2022 GCSE Revision and Exam Timetable

Your child should remain available for exams until Wednesday 29th June which is JCQ’s designated contingency day.   This date is reserved within the common timetable in the event of national or local disruption to examinations. It is part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for examinations.  

Personalised timetables will be provided to pupils closer to exam time. 

Revision and exam day tips

With exams due to start shortly, AQA have provided information to help students prepare.  They have created a round-up of some helpful resources which can be found below:

AQA’s exam and revision tips with The Student Room

AQA have worked with The Student Room to update exam and revision tips for summer 2022 . They have updated exam advice to take into account the advance information and adaptations for this summer’s exams, and have included lots of useful tips.

Ofqual student guides

Ofqual has published the following guides to support students this summer:

Their student web pages also have lots of helpful information, including guidance on managing exam stress, and a list of support services should they need them. They can also follow them on Twitter @AQA for latest updates and support.

Exam Regulations

JCQ Exam Documentation for 2021/2022

Examinations are strictly regulated by JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications). We are obliged to bring to all students’ attention the attached JCQ regulations in order that they can familiarize themselves with them. These regulations are applicable to all pupils in all schools across the country and it is important that our students understand what is required of them.

On Screen Examinations

Information for candidates Privacy Notice 19-20-v3

IFC Written_Examinations_2021_v5


JCQ Social Media Information for Candidates

IFC Coursework_Assessments_2021_v4

Unauthorised Items poster 2021

Warning to Candidates 2021

Candidate Checklist

A handy checklist to ensure your child is fully prepared for their exam

Candidate Checklist

How we run exams at Stockland Green School

Here is more information for pupils about how exams are run and what happens throughout the exam cycle.

Being ready for exams

Expectations for student behaviour

Exam Policies

Tips and Guidance

Here are some useful links to sites which offer parents and pupils advice about managing stress and staying healthy during exams:




JCQ Frequently asked questions for 2021 22