PE at Stockland Green educates students to perform in a broad range of physical activities including team sports including Hockey, Football and Netball as well as individual sports including Badminton, Athletics and Dance. Students frequently engage in competitive situations where they are encouraged to link skills together to produce effective performances where they are physically active for prolonged periods of time. PE’s core fundamental aim is to provide all students with the skills to lead a physically active, healthy life for their post educational years whilst providing opportunities to compete in sport, building lifelong characteristics such as teamwork, leadership, fairness and respect.

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All students are to wear PE kit in accordance with the school’s uniform policy. Details and suppliers can be found on the School Uniform page.

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Careers Links

Undertaking Physical Education at Stockland Green School exposes all students to a range of sporting and physical activities providing sport specific and transferable life skills equipping students for the world of work. The transferrable skills include teamwork, leadership, taking responsibility, the ability to analyse and compare to models, evaluate a given situation and to provide constructive feedback to enhance either their own or a peer’s work.

Careers Physical Education is most relevant to are:

  • Sports performers                          
  • Nutritionists                   
  • Emergency services (Police, Fire)      
  • Sporting officials -PE teachers                                    
  • Sports Coach            
  • Personal Trainer                          
  • Military Services (Army, Navy, RAF).