PE Curriculum Rationale

At Stockland Green School we truly value the power of Physical Education in promoting a lifelong healthy active lifestyle and the role it plays in ensuring a positive impact on physical, mental and social health. Our PE curriculum will provide all students with a high quality PE and sporting provision as not only an active participant but also in alternative roles such as a leader, coach, official and choreographer. To deepen student knowledge of physical activity we follow a concept based curriculum. Concepts such as attacking and defending space, scoring, transferring possession, marking etc are taught so students can understand and utilise these concepts in a range of physical activities and sports.

Our vision is for every child to progress, succeed and achieve their potential. We also aim to ensure all students lead physical, active lives at school and beyond. We strive to inspire students through fun, engaging, challenging and innovative lessons that are accessible to all. Through all PE lessons we instil our Stockland Green Standard and P.R.I.D.E. values and transferrable life skills such as perseverance, teamwork, leadership, mutual respect, problem solving and positivity as well as implementing the core British Values.

Learning is not just limited to lessons. We also offer a range of extra-curricular clubs of varying competitive natures. The extra-curricular programme we offer is accessible to all students who wish to attend on a competitive and/or social basis. It is run throughout the academic year with sports regularly changing to accommodate all interests and reflect the seasonal sports calendar. Those that take part in the competitive fixtures have the opportunity to represent our school locally, regionally and nationally. 

Curriculum Intent

Intent – The Why

  • To provide a thirst for knowledge of the skills, tactics and rules of a broad range of sporting activities.
  • To facilitate the development and passion for lifelong physical activity to support physical, emotional and social well-being by following of the National Curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4 in the role of a performer or non-performer. 
  • To foster the knowledge and development of transferrable life skills through oracy, leadership/coaching and the Stockland Green P.R.I.D.E. values.

All students are to wear PE kit in accordance with the school’s uniform policy. Details and suppliers can be found on the School Uniform page.

Curriculum & Assessment Maps

Independent Learning Tasks

Revision Resources

Careers Links

Undertaking Physical Education at Stockland Green School exposes all students to a range of sporting and physical activities providing sport specific and transferable life skills equipping students for the world of work. The transferrable skills include teamwork, leadership, taking responsibility, the ability to analyse and compare to models, evaluate a given situation and to provide constructive feedback to enhance either their own or a peer’s work.

Careers Physical Education is most relevant to are:

  • Sports performers                          
  • Nutritionists                   
  • Emergency services (Police, Fire)      
  • Sporting officials -PE teachers                                    
  • Sports Coach            
  • Personal Trainer                          
  • Military Services (Army, Navy, RAF).

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