Creative and Performing Arts

At Stockland Green School, the Creative and Performing Arts faculty seeks to support students in developing themselves as individuals, to explore their talents and creatively express themselves. Within our faculty, holistic and personal development is of paramount importance alongside the knowledge and skills our students will acquire. Our students will tour the world throughout history to explore musicians, musical genres, theatre styles and practitioners and artists that have influenced the world we live in today in line with the National Curriculum. They will learn about how qualifications in art, music and drama open doors to a vast array of careers within one of the UKs leading industries and a huge part of our British identity as well as a wide range of other careers. We are excited to nurture the performers, musicians and artists of the future.

The aims of the Creative and Performing Arts curriculum:

  • A knowledge engaged curriculum that underpins the acquisition of skill
  • Enable students to apply knowledge in line with principles of cognitive science with confidence and creativity
  • Develop essential skills in effective communication, collaboration, independence and leadership
  • Strike an important balance between theoretical and practical work

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