The principles of English study at Stockland Green School align themselves closely with the aims of the National Curriculum, and we endeavour to equip our students with the reading, writing and oracy skills to be successful in the wider world. We are proud and passionate about providing a broad, diverse and knowledge-rich curriculum which not only exposes our students to an impressive range of literature from within and beyond the Literary Canon, but also acknowledges how literature and language are used in the world around us to convey and create meaning.

The aims of the Stockland Green School English curriculum

  • To expose students to an extensive range of different forms and genres, including novels, poetry, plays, film, non-fiction texts, short stories.
  • To embed a carefully sequenced curriculum which builds on prior knowledge and ensures students can develop both their substantive and disciplinary knowledge throughout years 7-11.
  • To encourage excellence and rigour within our subject, challenging students to think critically and share their thoughts, and take pride in their work.
  • To plan assessment and DIRT reflection tasks which show progression in students’ skills and offer students the opportunity to improve.

Reading, writing and oracy are a core part of our curriculum offer here at Stockland Green School. We believe that by underpinning our curriculum with the explicit teaching of literacy and vocabulary, alongside regular opportunities to implement skills, students can begin to take ownership in their journey and leave with a love of the subject.

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