Work Experience

Year 10 work experience will be taking place during the summer term 2024. This was launched to students at the start of the academic year to give them maximum time to find their placements. If your child would like any additional support or if you have any queries, you can contact Mr Birch or Miss Lee on the following emails:

That said, it is never too soon to start gaining experiences of workplaces. During the academic year we will be providing opportunities to students in all year groups. We will also continue to email you with virtual work experiences so that your children are able to take advantage of the wonderful offers available to them locally and nationally.

Please inform Mr Birch if you find your own work experience so that we can keep this for our records and support you with anything you may need.

Work experience is a major part of our CEIAG provision, with a dedicated week of Work Experience for all Year 10 students.  Students in Year 10 begin the process of deciding on an appropriate placement from September.  This is followed up by writing to request a placement, and lessons on the key skills they need to be accepted and to impress during this time.